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The beautiful website you are exploring is merely one “facet of Riverside.” Riverside Presbyterian Day School is a gemstone with myriad facets to explore, people to embrace and learning environments to uncover. As the oldest of the private elementary schools in Jacksonville, RPDS is proud to provide superior programs for Preschool, Kindergarten and Grades 1 - 6.  In addition, our after school programs are unified in a program we call RITA (Riverside in the Afternoon) to offer our parents and students high quality enrichment without the need to enroll in separate programs throughout the city.  RPDS is a community of gifted educators and support staff dedicated to educating children and their families. In all we do we seek to develop the hearts, hands and minds of children to foster healthy, successful lives.

Any great school invests extensively in its team of educators to deliver an outstanding academic curriculum. At RPDS we augment such a curriculum with superior programs in the arts, character formation and spiritual nourishment.  It is our belief that individual teachers and the children they work with have tremendous potential to change the future.  Throughout human history, important events routinely are linked to individuals. At RPDS, we too never underestimate the potential in each individual.

RPDS encourages students to understand that within each assignment, service project, relationship and spiritual experience – hour by hour and day by day – life’s building blocks are erected. An error laying foundational blocks will affect all that follow.  In a similar way, the seemingly inconsequential, small differences that make us unique also have significant effects within the larger communities we serve.  To paraphrase an African proverb, “anyone who thinks the small things are unimportant has not spent the night with a mosquito.”

As you “Discover Riverside,” let me encourage you to notice that our private elementary school provides an environment of tremendous balance, and one which is decidedly developmental in nature. At RPDS we nourish children academically, spiritually and physically, believing that the foundations we build will foster successful developmental journeys that cannot be rushed and which are never completed. I look forward to meeting you and your children as you visit our campus to learn more about RPDS!


H. Palmer Bell


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