Riverside Presbyterian Day School

Faculty Vertical Teams

A vertical curriculum team is a designated team of teachers who meet monthly throughout the school year to support and implement the strategic curriculum goals of Riverside Presbyterian Day School. All teachers serve on one of four Vertical Curriculum Teams. Each team is comprised of a teacher representative from PreK 3 through 6th Grade who has a deep understanding of the emotional, physical and academic needs of the students he or she teaches every day.

Why Vertical Curriculum Teams?

At Riverside Presbyterian Day School we believe that structuring Vertical Curriculum Teams with a teacher representative from every level, PreK 3 through 6th Grade, is an effective way to achieve our strategic curricular goals. Vertical teacher collaboration, communication and the sharing of expert knowledge and ideas support the RPDS developmental approach to learning. It is through this intentional teamwork that the curricular foundation of an independent school education is strengthened, enhanced and designed. This is why at RPDS Teachers ARE the Curriculum.

2018-19 Vertical Curriculum Teams

Science Team

Faculty Leaders: Mrs. Nichole Simpson and Mrs. Samantha Stokes

Math Team

Faculty Leaders: Mrs. Kristi Aponte and Mrs. Lea McConnell

Literacy Team

Faculty Leader: Mrs. JJ Howell & Mrs. Pam McCulley

Global Connections

Faculty Leader: Mrs. Prudence Baldwin & Mr. Anthony Franklin