Riverside Presbyterian Day School

Homework at RPDS

Homework connects learning and responsibility; this connection fosters pride in one’s accomplishments.

At Riverside Presbyterian Day School, our teachers strive to assign homework that is purposeful towards supporting and reinforcing the children’s daily lessons. Homework builds essential traits which are valued in our graduates. We intend homework to be developmentally appropriate, varied and a necessary action towards academic success. Homework serves not only to contribute to a student’s academic progress but also to develop intrinsic responsibility for one’s learning.

1st - 3rd Grade Homework

As students enter 1st - 3rd Grade, homework is assigned progressively to appropriately support the academic foundation that is beginning to develop. 1st Grade students are emerging as readers and spellers. These skills require frequent drill and practice. A homework folder is sent home each week with assignments in spelling, reading and math. Parents are encouraged to guide children through the assignments.

In 2nd Grade homework serves to reinforce concepts taught in the classroom through guided drill and practice. Use of a weekly homework folder continues, and parents should provide all the guidance they feel is necessary while also fostering independence.

Homework in 3rd Grade provides an opportunity to read, practice, prepare and conduct research. Students use this foundation to compose responses designed to reinforce and extend concepts being discussed in class. Students in 3rd Grade are responsible for writing in their own planners. In these ways, 3rd Grade assignments facilitate the development of independent study habits, as well as the responsibility of organizing materials and completing work by an assigned due date.

4th - 6th Grade Homework

The approach to homework in 4th - 6th Grade is structured. Homework is viewed as a natural opportunity to build responsibility, as well as cognitive and physical stamina in children nearing middle school. Homework is frequently assigned for the practice and reinforcement of skills.

When independently completed by the student, assignments may be used by the teacher to informally assess student progress and comprehension. For these reasons, we ask parents to be supportive of upper school students but to allow them to do their own work.

Most homework assignments are corrected in class so students may practice skills and test their own comprehension. Corrected assignments then function as the study guides for tests. A study period is provided within every school day so that homework may be partially or totally completed.