Riverside Presbyterian Day School

Spiritual Formation

Riverside Presbyterian Day School was founded in 1948 by Riverside Presbyterian Church as an educational outreach to Jacksonville families. The founders of RPDS wished to ensure that the education provided here would be challenging both academically and spiritually. The school maintains this history and while it is now separately incorporated, it still partners closely with the church in ministry. From its earliest days, the RPDS educational experience has included a weekly student-led chapel service, which is well-attended and beloved by the entire RPDS community. Parents, friends and grandparents are always welcome. Chapel is a joyful time for us as a community to share fellowship and God’s love with one another.


On Thursday mornings, the Riverside family gathers in the sanctuary of Riverside Presbyterian Church to celebrate God's love through music, verse and lesson. Our chapels are welcoming to children and parents of all faiths. With imagination and inspiration, each chapel program nurtures the spiritual growth of the Riverside children and assures each one of their special place in God's world. This blend of faith within our academic community provides each student and family an exceptional and loving environment in which to grow and learn.

Chapel leadership is one opportunity for our 6th Grade students to refine their leadership skills by serving as Chapel Guides. Opportunities to lead prayer, read scripture, bear flags, and assist early learning students instills the appreciation and confidence necessary for our students to live positive and respectful lives as servant leaders.

Special music, drama, dance and puppetry presentations are incorporated into Chapel by various grade levels throughout the school year. We hope you will join us often as our children celebrate God's love for all.