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Diversity at Riverside

At Riverside Presbyterian Day School we believe that embracing inclusivity and belonging enriches our school community and prepares our children for a global, multicultural world. The RPDS community loves and respects all human beings in a manner consistent with our school mission. Each family completes and contributes to the body of Riverside. We strive to foster relationships by encouraging our school community to appreciate, understand and learn from others, thus demonstrating God’s unconditional love.

To achieve this commitment, RPDS seeks to enrich each child’s learning experience by being geographically, economically and culturally diverse. We are dedicated to providing an embracing, inclusive, welcoming place for all children, faculty and staff, affirming their uniqueness and believing that our commitment to diversity demonstrates God’s unconditional love to all people regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, learning style, religion, and/or socioeconomic status. Our community provides opportunities for the entire school community to explore, experience, appreciate and discover the uniqueness of each individual. In these ways, RPDS empowers students through the building of strong foundations for accepting people from diverse backgrounds and by providing an educational environment that fosters a child’s desire to lead a life honoring a knowledge of and respect for all individuals. One tangible outgrowth of fostering such knowledge and respect is that RPDS students are encouraged to think beyond themselves and motivated to engage their hearts and hands in service to others.

This living document was written by the Faculty and Staff of Riverside Presbyterian Day School and endorsed by the RPDS Board of Trustees. It will be maintained as our journey continues.

Diversity Initiative at Riverside

2022 Dates to be Announced Soon

The Diversity Initiative at Riverside is intended to promote personal growth and pedagogical approaches that support equity-minded education and global competencies in our schools.

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