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Mission & Vision

Our Mission
Educate the mind, nurture the spirit and foster the development of the whole child.
In achieving this mission Riverside Presbyterian Day School seeks to:

  • Offer a balanced, challenging academic program which stimulates each child’s intellectual curiosity and the desire for lifelong learning
  • Affirm the teachings of the Christian faith, and nurture an awareness of God’s unconditional love for every child
  • Encourage the development of self-esteem and confidence by recognizing the unique potential and worth of each individual
  • Provide a school climate which promotes respect for the values of our democratic society and fosters concerned and responsible citizenship

Our Philosophy
Riverside Presbyterian Day School provides students with a carefully planned academic program within a supportive environment where respect for the individual, community, and Christian values are promoted. Riverside recognizes that each child is an individual and gears teaching strategies to ensure that children will experience success at their level of learning. Students are challenged to rise to higher goals and achievement through the use of curriculum that addresses a variety of learning styles and exposes children to rich literature, problem solving opportunities, and cooperative learning experiences.

Different levels of academic ability, social development, and learning styles are respected and used to design and implement curriculum. A comprehensive curriculum guide built around a challenging academic program includes subject matter in the academic areas, the arts, physical education, STEAM, guidance, Bible instruction, and technology. The curriculum inspires children to become life-long learners and equips them with the skills and dispositions necessary to adapt to an ever-changing world.

The Riverside Way

The Riverside Way is composed of traits that can be heard daily throughout our campus. They are used by our faculty, staff, students, and parents. Using the RPDS acronym, The Riverside Way stands for respectful, responsible, persevere, praise, dependable, dedicated, seek and serve.

The Riverside Way is more than eight words. It’s about the way we carry ourselves in the classrooms, the hallway, in Chapel, on the playground and in the community. It’s the way we care about those inside and outside our campus. And it’s the way we want others to care about us. The Riverside Way is about showing God’s love through our actions and putting others before ourselves.

Our Graduate Traits

At Riverside Presbyterian Day School we believe that all children are complex and multidimensional, that each child has specific gifts to be nurtured and that it is our responsibility to provide an enriched, nurturing educational experience that develops the whole child. 

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