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Our Graduate Traits

At Riverside Presbyterian Day School we believe that all children are complex and multidimensional, that each child has specific gifts to be nurtured and that it is our responsibility to provide an enriched, nurturing educational experience that develops the whole child. The Faculty and Staff of RPDS believe that each day, at every grade level, our community should foster the following characteristics and that when our school mission has been fully realized in our graduates, those graduates will …

demonstrate faith in God and an appreciation of His love through living positive, respectful lives as servant leaders, drawing upon His strength to be confident decision makers, to lead balanced lives and to be responsible stewards of the broader natural world;

confidently embrace their individual gifts and talents in a desire to make the most of educational opportunities, to “see the big picture” through synthesizing knowledge, to set and achieve priorities, and to communicate ideas to groups of adults and/or peers;

demonstrate a curiosity about life, a creative thirst for invention, a self-directed and resourceful drive to learn, an ability to use organized and habitual learning skills and an openness to explore new things and to meet new people;

display a developmentally appropriate ability to use a variety of forms of expression (i.e. written, verbal, artistic, musical, dramatic, athletic and spiritual) as well as to utilize tools (i.e. paper, writing implements, artistic media, instruments, technological hardware/software) and to know when it is best to employ each;

embrace a love of learning that inspires confidence to think critically, to listen intently, and to explore unceasingly in an attempt to discern the worth of information carefully and to understand that proper study requires examination both in depth and breadth;

demonstrate an appreciation for different perspectives evident within our world and among individuals as they work with others empathetically, cooperatively and democratically without regard to race or economic background, and they shall employ language of respect and responsibility as they actively listen to the thoughts and opinions of others;

display a positive self image through their honesty and integrity, moral and ethical decision making and willingness to accept responsibility for personal choices. They will self-confidently and respectfully demonstrate good manners. They will demonstrate that they understand the power of options, the promise of good judgment, and the rewards of thoughtfulness in the areas of personal behavior and intellectual pursuits;

appreciate the importance of physical fitness, exercise, nutrition, personal hygiene and the benefits of teamwork, coordination, cooperation and fun learned through physical activities.