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Why Riverside?

Riverside at a Glance


Total students


Accredited by the Florida Council of Independent Schools


Average class size


Students of color at Riverside


The oldest independent elementary school in Jacksonville


Zipcodes in Jacksonville make up the residencies of our student body


Team sports for 5th & 6th Grade students: Basketball, Flag Football, and Volleyball


School-wide community service hours in 2019 while helping 14 local agencies


Why PreK 3 - 6th Grade

RPDS believes there are distinctive advantages to the PreK 3 - 6th grade school model, in comparison to the typical PreK - 12th grade model. Riverside utilizes the critical formative years of childhood to educate the mind, nurture the spirit, and foster the development of the whole child. Our PreK - 6th grade model creates a solid foundation for your child's development and success, and prepares them for their continued educational journey.

Why Parents Are Choosing RPDS...

“Riverside has done what they said they were going to do for our children.  We never thought twice whether our children were getting a good education but when it comes to their emotional and spiritual well-being, I have partners in this tough journey of parenthood helping to develop my children into young men.”

Haley Abney

“What really struck me about RPDS was the whole child approach to educating a child. RPDS offers a strong and rigorous environment where children and students are pushed in the classroom to their highest potential. RPDS is simultaneously honing all of those skills that truly build character, mindfulness,  and self-awareness. It's those skills that ultimately lead to success. I really appreciate as a parent that these traits and values aren't just being taught in a conceptual form. These students are actually gaining the working knowledge of what it means to persevere, what it means to work hard, and what it means to organize your work space. It's a great privilege to receive an education at RPDS.“

Deena Bateh Wallace

“We originally had our child enrolled at a school near our house, and after picking her up on the first day she looked so sad and lost. That very same day, I picked up the phone and got a hold of Ruthie Simmons and she could not have been more helpful. My daughter visited the very next day, and a few days later she started at RPDS. Picking her up on her first day at RPDS, she was like a different child telling me how she loved her teacher, how funny the coaches were, the names of the girls she had already met. I can’t put a price on how Riverside helped develop her confidence and find her voice!”

Kathleen Bush

“We are so fortunate to have RPDS go through 6th grade!  It provided my kids with unique social and emotional growth opportunities through the Project Leads service program and the leadership roles at school.” 

Marcela Beard