Riverside Presbyterian Day School


Our upper and lower school teachers are using a wide variety of platforms to provide engaging lessons for our students during this time of remote teaching and learning. Even from afar, our teachers are creatively facilitating opportunities for students to grow, show, and share their learning. Daily assignments are given through grade-level emails. These assignments might include:

  • Watching a prerecorded video lesson by the teacher
  • Watching a video provided from some other source (BrainPop, Amplify Science, National Geographic, YouTube, Kahn Academy)
  • Joining a Zoom session for a live, interactive lesson
  • Listening to a podcast of an author reading a story
  • Flipping through a PowerPoint prepared by the teacher with links to other web sources for more information
  • Joining in a discussion thread on our myRPDS platform

Some Zoom sessions are mandatory (they are recorded in case the student cannot log in at the designated time) while others are optional, providing enrichment and extension opportunities as well as academic support.

How are students showcasing their learning? Teachers are still tracking and evaluating student learning through a variety of methods:

  • Some are taking quizzes through Google Classroom or myRPDS
  • Others are posting videos of their work (a poem, a science experiment, a STEAM invention) in FlipGrid or through email
  • Essays and research papers are being submitted through myRPDS
  • When uploading is an issue, students are sometimes taking a picture of their work and just sharing it with their teachers

Even during this time of remote learning, all auxiliary services are continuing, including speech and occupational therapies. Likewise, students are able to access all of the wonderful resource classes that are an integral part of the RPDS experience, including Art, Music, Library, Bible, STEAM, PE, and world languages (Spanish and Chinese).