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Visual Arts

The RPDS Art program provides a strong, robust foundation for budding young artists. The underlying premise is naturally conveyed that every child is an artist. The curriculum is designed to celebrate developmental stages as students explore and strengthen their own creativity through visual arts. 

As they embark on a journey through Visual Art, students explore the Elements and Principles of art as well as a variety of media to create both two-dimensional and three-dimensional masterpieces. Through their natural ability to create and imagine, they will discover more ways to connect with art by engaging in Studio Habits of the Mind they will learn to:

  • Develop Craft (Technique & Studio Practice)
  • Engage & Persist (Finding Connection)
  • Envision (Imagining & Planning)
  • Express (Finding & Showing Meaning)
  • Observe (Looking Closely)
  • Reflect (Question & Explain)
  • Stretch & Explore (Play, Use Mistakes & Discover)
  • Understand Art Worlds (Domain & Communities)

This will ensure they connect with the process and find that their desire to create is not just a hobby but can be useful throughout their lives. Art plays a role in education to encourage us to be more like ourselves, students will always be reminded of that in knowing they are creatively unique and their art represents them as the creative soul they are. 

Technology and More

Art embraces technology providing opportunities for computer graphics, collaborative and cross-curricular projects, as well as a digital portfolio for every student. Artwork is always on display around the school. Student artwork is in high demand in the community and we proudly display art in doctors’ offices, banks, restaurants and other venues. The RPDS art journey culminates in the introspective 6th Grade Art Exhibit. Each student will have a display where they will show a wide range of media along with their personal visual Artist Statements. 

Visual Arts News

Building a Nativity

Each year, beginning in 1st Grade, students design a nativity sculpture. In 1st Grade students create baby Jesus, 2nd Grade they create Mary, 3rd Grade they create Joseph, and in 4th Grade the nativity is completed by creating an angel. The collection makes a wonderfully treasured work of art and cherished memory from this special season.

Class of 2023 Hosts Art Exhibit

Last week our school had the treat of exploring the 6th Grade Art Exhibit! The exhibit was a wonderful display of their journey through art at RPDS, featuring paintings, sculptures, self portraits, and more. We hope the Class of 2023 continues to create amazing things as they move forward in their educational journey.

6th Grade Art Showcase

Kicking the week off at RPDS with our 6th Grade art exhibit, where students showcase the incredible pieces they worked on throughout the school year. We love seeing the uniqueness of each child's display. 

5th Grade Emotion Paintings

Our 5th grade students painted canvas boards in art class depicting pleasant emotions. On Friday the students watched the film Inside Out and then discussed the importance of emotions. We love their colorful paintings and the ways our students are growing socially and emotionally.

Head Sculptures

As we head into the weekend we wanted to celebrate the the creativity of our 6th grade class!

This week in art class our 6th grade students created head sculptures. The students brainstormed ideas about how to utilize and transform plaster-covered styrofoam heads into their canvas. We were so impressed by their creativity and the ideas that formed in their brainstorming sessions such as, "Head in the Clouds", "Head over Heels", "Face the Music". Once students settled on their design concept they added color and three dimensionality to create one-of-a-kind sculptures. Well done!

Stacy Streeter

RPDS Art Teacher

Art News at RPDS

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