Riverside Presbyterian Day School

News Around Riverside

Spelling Bee Winner!

Gabriella Louh was crowned the 2019 Spelling Bee champion after a tense standoff in round 17. She will journey to the Duval County qualifying exam. Congratulations, Gabriella!

Team RPDS advances to semifinals!

Fifth and Sixth grade girls' Team 2 from Team RPDS Athletics advances to the semifinals in Basketball! Way to go, girls!

Second grade is off to the farm!

Recently, Second Grade students ventured to local Jacksonville farm, Congaree and Penn to observe the inner-workings of a farm. Students toured the facility and learned the ethic of environmental stewardship and sustainability of farms.

J is for Jaguar!

J is for.... JAGUARS! Pre-K 4 students celebrated their new acquisition of the letter J with a tailgate party for their favorite team! Yay for J! 

Sixth grade ecologists

Sixth grade ecologists walked to our neighboring river to perform a monthly water quality test which includes testing the water's pH, temperature, turbidity, ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, salinity, and dissolved oxygen. Students report their data, which they can compare with local or national findings.