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2nd Grade Vocabulary Parade

Today our 2nd grade students marched in the annual Vocabulary Parade, showing off the impressive words they've learned about with captivating costumes! The students paraded around the Rice Sports Zone where their parents and other students could see their great work and cheer them on. The Vocabulary Parade is a treasured tradition for our 2nd grade class and these students certainly reminded us why!

Congratulations to Sam Barksdale, National Geographic Bee Winner!

RPDS 5th grade student, Sam Barksdale is a National Geographic Bee winner! Congratulations to Sam for receiving an exceptional score on a rigorous geography exam. Sam is now qualified to move onto the international geographic competition. Great job!

Field Day Fun

Field Day Friday is the BEST Friday! Our 6th grade class worked with the coaches to host a classic board game inspired field day for the school. It has been a day full of skipping, hopping, rolling, running, throwing, jumping, and a whole lot of laughing!

6th Grade Hosts Annual Health & Wellness Fair

This morning our 6th grade students hosted a Health and Wellness Fair on the Rice Sports Zone to display the projects they have been working diligently on for months to their parents and lower grade levels. Students presentations covered a wide spectrum of topics relating to health and wellness including projects focused on emotions, air pollution, meditation, the impacts of social media on adolescent development, water quality, the health benefits of pets, and much more! The Health and Wellness Fair is a milestone project for the 6th grade year at RPDS, and we were so impressed today with the expertise our students displayed with their projects, along with their professional presentation skills.

Kindergarten Creates Plant Diagrams

Today Kindergarten scientists discovered that you can actually eat ALL of the parts of a plant! Combining science and art, the students were challenged to create a diagram of a plant using broccoli, celery, carrots, peas and spinach. After creating their plant diagram, the class moved outside to watch Mrs. Rhoden pop a balloon filled with bird seed, in order to see how seed pods explode and travel in all directions to continue the plant life cycle. The students had a great time putting their creative touches on their plant diagram and seeing how their classmates used their materials in unique ways!