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RPDS 6th Grade Students Test St.Johns River Water Quality

Today, our 6th Grade students completed a routine river check as part of their St. Johns Riverkeepers partnership! RPDS 6th Grade scientists tested the water temperature, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, salinity, pH, nitrate, nitrite, and ammonia. The results from today's test will be reported to the Water Rangers- a group that monitors the health of water worldwide. Water Rangers' mission is to build the tools to help citizens and scientists easily record and analyze water data so that they can use the data to learn about problems, share discoveries and engage with their neighbors.

Great work 6th Grade!

Kindergarten Class 100th Day of School


Our Kindergarten classes turned into centenarians today. For 100 years old they sure move around the playground exceptionally well! The classes have enjoyed a day full of "100th Day" lessons and activities including writing about what they hope their life is like when they're 100 years old. Such a fun day!

Snow Day at RPDS!

It's snowing at RPDS!

Our PreK 3 classes have been learning all about water and its different forms (liquid, solid, gas). Today students got their hands on some frozen water and celebrated this lesson with a good old-fashioned snowball fight!

6th Grade Makes Sandwiches for Sulzbacher

Our 6th Grade students prepared more than 500 sandwiches for the Sulzbacher Center before leaving for Christmas Break. The meals will fed over 250 people this Christmas season. Nice teamwork, 6th Grade!