Riverside Presbyterian Day School

News Around Riverside

Geography Bee

This year, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students participated in the National Geographic Geography Bee sponsored by Google. In the final round of competition, sixth grader Kelly Day outlasted fellow sixth grader grader, Harrison Spencer by answering the following question correctly; “Rain that falls on the slopes of Triple Divide Peak in Montana's Glacier National Park eventually flows to the Pacific, Atlantic, and which other ocean?” The correct answer is...the Arctic Ocean! Kelly Day now moves closer to winning a college scholarship and will try to advance to the National Finals by completing the State GeoBee qualifying test. Good luck and congratulations to all the students who participated.

Sedimentary Rock Experiment

Second grade scientists used white, wheat, and raisin bread along with Rice Krispies, jelly, and pasta shells to create sedimentary rock layers. After applying pressure, they used toothpicks to carefully extract the “rocks, minerals, and fossils” from the “sedimentary rock”.

All State Elementary Chorus!

In the fall, Sophia Butler, Emmy Jackson, and Stella Krueger ventured to the All State Elementary Chorus at the Tampa Convention Center. The three girls auditioned to be selected to perform at the Florida Music Educators Conference. There were 1,000 students who auditioned and 300 were selected. The young musicians will rehearse and perform in a concert for all the music teachers in Tampa. Congratulations, girls!

Root Robot Coders!

First grade engineer trainees are learning to code Root Robot. Each group coded root to make a light rainbow, draw a letter, and to knock down a tower. Using block programming on the root coding app, students paired their robots via bluetooth and commenced their coding! Problem solving, group communication, and computational thinking all came into play. Students shared their success with smiles and high fives, and took a step forward in developing their coding language skills!

33rd Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Essay Winners!

Grace Christy, has been selected as the Elementary school Tomorrow’s Leaders runner up, and Stella Herford has been selected as the Middle school Tomorrow's Leaders runner up for their essays on Martin Luther King Jr. Both girls will be recognized alongside their fellow Tomorrow’s Leaders at the 33rd Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast presented by Florida Blue on Friday, January 17, 2020. Congratulations, girls!