Riverside Presbyterian Day School

Core Curriculum

Every RPDS teacher serves on an academic Vertical Team. These teams are teacher-led and structured to maximize the expertise of teaching at every grade level PreK 3 through 6th Grade. A vertically aligned curriculum is developmentally inspired for optimal learning and student engagement. Our collaboration results in a learning model in which faculty skillfully teach to the needs, curiosities, and learning styles of their students. Through high quality teaching and professional teamwork a superior RPDS curriculum is intentionally designed. We are committed to providing a solid academic foundation that is responsive to the hearts, hands and minds of each child.

Early Learning Curriculum the RPDS Way…
  • Understands the intellectual, physical, spiritual and emotional development of children
  • Demonstrates God’s love
  • Fosters creativity and inquiry
  • Emphasizes conceptual learning, problem solving and critical thinking
  • Integrates arts, writing, sciences, literature, mathematics, languages, and technology to understand ourselves, others and the world
  • Strengthens organization, motivation, academic stamina and life skills
  • Respects the environment
  • Develops leadership, philanthropy, and morality
  • Values play and physicality


Beginning in PreK 3, students are immersed in quality literature experiences that invite them into the magical world of books and storytelling. Through a balanced literacy approach, students learn the alphabetic code while also developing a strong sense of story structure, characterization, and genre. They also learn about the role of the reader in meaning-making, by developing strategies such as examining the illustrations, asking questions, making personal connections, and even inferences. By Kindergarten, students are immersed in whole-group literature discussions and small-group reading instruction at their developmental level. Our Kindergartners also enjoy responding to books in writing and journaling about personal experiences. Our process-oriented approach encourages students to express themselves with voice and confidence.


Even from the tender age of three, our students see themselves as writers with ideas to share and authentic reasons to put their thoughts on paper! Writing is integrated throughout the day in the Early Learning Center and refined through multisensory handwriting experiences that develop fine motor strength and control. Whether writing menus, grocery lists, letters to loved ones, or stories for others to enjoy, our young authors put pencil to paper fearlessly, purposefully, and joyously!

Singapore Math

In PreK 3 and PreK 4, students are immersed in daily activities that solidify early numeracy concepts. In Kindergarten, our students begin instruction in the Singapore Math method, which cultivates strong number sense through mental math exercises and hands-on learning experiences. These multi-sensory encounters are the building blocks to developing the essential conceptual understandings, skills, and processes that students need to be flexible, confident mathematicians.