Riverside Presbyterian Day School

Core Curriculum

Every RPDS teacher serves on an academic Vertical Team. These teams are teacher-led and structured to maximize the expertise of teaching at every grade level PreK 3 through 6th Grade. A vertically aligned curriculum is developmentally inspired for optimal learning and student engagement. Our collaboration results in a learning model in which faculty skillfully teach to the needs, curiosities, and learning styles of their students. Through high quality teaching and professional teamwork a superior RPDS curriculum is intentionally designed. We are committed to providing a solid academic foundation that is responsive to the hearts, hands and minds of each child.

Early Learning Curriculum the RPDS Way…
  • Understands the intellectual, physical, spiritual and emotional development of children
  • Demonstrates God’s love
  • Fosters creativity and inquiry
  • Emphasizes conceptual learning, problem solving and critical thinking
  • Integrates arts, writing, sciences, literature, mathematics, languages, and technology to understand ourselves, others and the world
  • Strengthens organization, motivation, academic stamina and life skills
  • Respects the environment
  • Develops leadership, philanthropy, and morality
  • Values play and physicality