Riverside Presbyterian Day School

Enriched Curriculum

The depth and breadth of our enrichment curriculum supports the development of the whole child.

The enrichment curriculum at Riverside Presbyterian Day School includes: Spanish Language, Art, Music, Music Performance, Drama, Health/Wellness, STEAM, and Spiritual Formation. Each enrichment subject is taught by a teacher highly trained and passionate in his or her area of expertise. The enrichment curriculum is designed to deepen and broaden children’s thinking in ways that foster creativity, physicality, life-long learning and happiness; thus supporting the development of the whole child.


Makerspace Innovation Room

Makerspace Innovation Room is an environment designed to encourage innovation and collaborative work through STEAM. Hands-on group projects have been thoughtfully developed to inspire children to engage themselves mentally, physically, and socially as they work together toward a common goal. Our mission is to help our students develop the fortitude needed to meet a challenge with excitement and to accept that failure is a natural part of the path to success. The ability to motivate, encourage, and inspire yourself and others is a lesson well worth teaching and learning!

Early Learning Robotech

RPDS Kindergarten students come to the Makerspace Innovation Room for ROBOTECH - a hands-on exploration of all things technology and robotics. Children learn the basics of coding and technological concepts, like circuitry and mechanics, through the use of age-appropriate tools and apps. These opportunities forge a foundation of exploration, understanding, and curiosity to build upon as they progress through their RPDS experience.

Foreign Language

The Spanish Language program at RPDS is influenced by three methodologies: Total Physical Response (TPR), the Natural Approach (NA) and the Waldorf Foreign Language Approach. These methods are incorporated into each unit of instruction using movement, singing, dancing, games and art. The children develop knowledge and understanding of basic Spanish vocabulary through sequential weekly lessons that build on vocabulary learned in previous lessons.

Digital Design

In the Early Learning Design Studio, students bring their visions to life by developing and presenting prototypes to peers. Using simple building materials and immersed in a robust multimedia environment that includes video and green screen capabilities, students learn to use the design process to develop, refine and present their prototypes. Creativity, risk-taking, collaboration, and perseverance are just some of the many personal competencies that are cultivated in our Early Learning Design Studio!

Physical Education

P.E. is an integral part of the RPDS curriculum experience. Our Physical Education program begins in Kindergarten with an introduction to locomotor movement, spatial and body awareness, skill development, and cooperative gameplay. We focus on creating a positive learning environment where students can have fun and be active.

The Team RPDS Program was established to motivate and encourage students and their families to enjoy a more active lifestyle outside of the school and work day. Through this initiative, our entire school community engages in a series of fun fitness activities throughout the year, culminating with the Daily’s Riverside Kids Duathlon, held annually on the RPDS campus. Our ultimate goal is to cultivate a lifelong love of play and exercise!


The RPDS approach to early scientific inquiry provides students with hands-on opportunities to engage in in-depth investigations of a wide variety of topics including life cycles, atmosphere, weather, force and motion. One of the highlights of the Kindergarten Lab experience is utilizing The Early Learning Center’s Tower Garden, which allows for ongoing sensory-based explorations of botany and horticulture.

Music, Movement & Yoga

All Early Learning Center students are introduced to music and movement foundations through fun and interactive classes that keep them singing and moving! Our Children’s Yoga classes add another dimension to our curriculum that develops positive body awareness, builds concentration, and increases confidence.

Visual Arts

The Early Learning Art experience provides our youngest students with the opportunity to get messy as they develop both their fine motor muscles and their creativity muscles! These open-ended encounters with paint, paper, oil, pastels, clay and other materials lay the foundation for a life-long love of creative expression while also fostering essential social-emotional skills, such as curiosity, confidence, self-regulation, motivation, divergent thinking, and persistence.


We pray, we sing, and we learn to share the love of God.

All PreK 3 through Kindergarten students participate in a weekly Bible class. These classes bring God's story to life through literature and visual arts. Children are encouraged to talk about how each story connects to their daily lives. Undergirding all the stories is the central theme of God's great love for His people and His expectation that we in turn love one another unconditionally and care for one another with glad and grateful hearts.


Everyone loves storytime in the Risley Media Center, and at RPDS our students are learning to think, create, share and grow through their experiences with information and literature. These competencies are attained through activities that foster inquiry, collaboration, exploration and engagement with ideas and information at school and in the world beyond.