Riverside Presbyterian Day School

Our Early Learning Center

RPDS’s Early Learning Center in Jacksonville is designed with the unique needs of our youngest students in mind. But don’t be fooled by their small stature. While they may be our tiniest scholars, they are undoubtedly our mightiest. Their energy, curiosity, passion for exploration and experimentation, their willingness to take risks and persevere toward new discoveries and understandings, make them a force to be reckoned with!

At the heart of our mission is an emphasis on encouraging each learner to become the very best version of themselves. With a focus on the whole child, our faculty design learning experiences that cultivate self-efficacy, responsibility, empathy, kindness toward others, cooperation, problem-solving skills, flexibility, and resilience. Whether gathered for a daily Care & Connect session, tinkering in our Makerspace Innovation Room, finding stillness in our Yoga Studio, grooving in a Music & Movement class, coding in our Robotics Studio or gardening in our Greenhouse, preschool students are reminded daily that learning is an adventure that should be relished!

The RPDS Early Learning Program immerses our PreK 3, PreK 4 and Kindergarten students in Early Literacy, Mathematics, Scientific and Global Competency Units of Study that lay a firm foundation for future success in the Lower School program and beyond. Those experiences are coupled with projects that connect our littlest citizens to the local Jacksonville community, providing them with authentic opportunities to consider the needs of others and to respond with joyous hearts as they begin to find their place in the context of the wider world.

Early Learning Center News

Kindergarten Creates Plant Diagrams

Today Kindergarten scientists discovered that you can actually eat ALL of the parts of a plant! Combining science and art, the students were challenged to create a diagram of a plant using broccoli, celery, carrots, peas and spinach. After creating their plant diagram, the class moved outside to watch Mrs. Rhoden pop a balloon filled with bird seed, in order to see how seed pods explode and travel in all directions to continue the plant life cycle. The students had a great time putting their creative touches on their plant diagram and seeing how their classmates used their materials in unique ways!

PreK 3 Celebrates Easter with Special Shirts

Happy Easter, RPDS!

This week our PreK 3 friends invited Mr. Ketchum to make a bunny shirt as part of their Easter celebration! Each student had their foot painted to make their bunny shirt and then got to watch as Mr. Ketchum got his foot painted too!

Wacky Wednesday

Kindergarten took part in Wacky Wednesday in a Seussical way to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday week!