Riverside Presbyterian Day School

Kindergarten at Riverside

The Kindergarten year is an important academic and social-emotional milestone in a child’s educational experience. To respond to this important year each Early Learning Center Kindergarten classroom is designed and led by a team of two credentialed Kindergarten teachers. Each teaching team fosters a developmentally sensitive approach to teaching combined with a deep understanding of educational pedagogy as it relates to the teaching of Reading and Mathematics for children.

Kindergarten literacy learning is achieved through a formalized reading instruction program emphasizing appropriate reading levels, literature discussions and writing about reading. Kindergarten mathematics are taught following the Singapore Math method which promotes strong number sense and is rich in the visual representations of abstract mathematical concepts. Children enjoy art instruction, music and movement, daily outdoor and indoor play, Physical Education, Science, Spanish and Bible classes. The Early Learning Center Kindergarten program is a foundational component of an RPDS education.