Riverside Presbyterian Day School

PreK 4 at Riverside

Whether your child is a newcomer to the PreK scene or a returning student, you want to be sure that the PreK 4 school that you choose offers everything your child needs to succeed in his or her academic career. At Riverside, we pride ourselves on being one of the most elite PreK 4 schools in Jacksonville, FL and our kids are pretty excited about it, too.

Understanding the Importance of an Excellent PreK 4 Program

It’s never too early to start teaching a child. In fact, children below Kindergarten age have the greatest learning capacity that they’ll have for the rest of their lives. Many very young children whose parents speak a different native tongue learn to speak two languages simultaneously – a child’s mind is truly amazing!

It becomes clear why we should take advantage of every opportunity to nurture a child’s mind and see it through to its full potential. We cannot, however, simply throw books in front of toddlers and expect them to become child prodigies. We must present educational information to them on a level that they both understand and find fascinating.

Children who are enrolled in an excellent PreK 4 day school program develop their language skills more quickly and fluently, become better problem solvers, learn how to work well with others early on, and generally perform better in school. They have a definite advantage over children who are not exposed to a nurturing early learning environment, on nearly every level.

What to Look for When Interviewing PreK 4 Day Schools

Look for a school that understands the importance of balance in a young child’s day. A good PreK 4 day school will offer plenty of opportunities for academic education in ways that young minds crave. From hands-on experiments to mesmerizing reading sessions and learning through active play, the best PreK 4 school will approach learning from your child’s perspective and needs.

At Riverside, we don’t just want our students to perform well; we want them to enjoy learning. We strive to instill the academic and life skills they need for a bright and successful future. To learn more about enrolling in our day school, please contact our Admission Office at admission@rpds.com or by calling 904.353.3459.