Riverside Presbyterian Day School


The RPDS Early Learning Experience

I am pleased to welcome you to Riverside Presbyterian Day School. At Riverside, we passionately believe in our mission to “educate the mind, nurture the spirit, and foster the development of the whole child." Our dynamic educational program reflects this commitment and is designed to build knowledgeable, well-rounded, critical thinking individuals who respect the differences of others in preparation for life in a global community.

Our teaching and learning community understands that a quality education cannot come exclusively from the transition of facts from teachers to students, but must be comprised of an integrated and interactive approach where instruction focuses on the attainment of knowledge through discovery and reflection. To achieve this we employ various methods of instruction in order to cultivate the intellect and develop ideas and skills required for life-long learning and citizenship. Our students thrive when they are presented with meaningful, engaging lessons that challenge them to question, explore, analyze, and present their newly acquired knowledge.

At RPDS we believe children's educational experiences should be memorable, rewarding and point them in the direction of their dreams. I welcome you to explore our website to learn about our programs and curriculum, and how your child can grow in knowledge, faith, and experience as he or she joyfully engages with other students and faculty.