Riverside Presbyterian Day School

The Endowment & Named Funds

The Endowment Fund

The Riverside Presbyterian Day School endowment is an aggregation of assets invested by the school to support its educational mission in perpetuity. Annually, the RPDS Endowment Fund supports school operations in two prominent ways: 1) providing need-based financial assistance and 2) supporting faculty and curricular development.

All gifts to the Riverside Presbyterian Day School (RPDS) Endowment Fund are restricted and invested to preserve the corpus of each donation, as well as to ensure each donor's specific restrictions are honored. In such investing, it is the revenue produced and the appreciation of the fund as a whole that provide support for the operating budget of RPDS.


Named Funds

These funds provide support for innovation within the instructional curriculum so that it remains consistent with the finest educational practices nationally. Additionally, these funds supports the education and professional growth of the faculty, when curricular advancements require retraining.

The H. Palmer Bell Science and Math Fellowship Fund

This fund supports science and math educators at Riverside who are eager to adopt or create effective, developmentally appropriate programs in science and/or math for all Riverside children.

Beatty Williams Bible Fund

This fund provides Bibles for graduating 6th Grade students.

William T. And Margery G. Christy Fund

This fund provides for Faculty and Curriculum.

Coffman Community Fund

In honor of Blanche and Dan Coffman, this fund is used for student leadership and outreach programs such as Project LEADS and Pathfinders.

Suzanne S. Tomlinson Professional Fund

In honor of Headmistress Suzanne Tomlinson (1977-1994), this fund supports professional development for faculty.

Robert W. Littell Literacy Fund

In honor of Headmaster Robert Littell (1994-2008), this fund provides support for the Media Center.

Named Scholarship Funds

Each year RPDS provides nearly $300,000 in need-based financial assistance to students enrolled at the school. Although this assistance is one way that we assure the broadest possible access to all aspects of our outstanding educational offerings, each year our funds are exhausted before all documented needs can be met. The following named funds are instrumental in allowing the school to provide confidential assistance tailored to the documented needs of individual families.

Jamie Andrews Memorial Scholarship Fund

in honor of the life and memory of Jamie Andrews.

Mary M. Williams Fund And Slaughter Memorial Fund
Harriet Lyons Fund For Children

If you are interested in learning more or donating to the Endowment Fund please contact Doug Walker, Director of Advancement at 904.353.5511 ext. 186.