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May the Road Rise to Meet You!

Since 1948, Riverside Presbyterian Day School has embraced and developed a school community that fosters a love of learning and commitment to philanthropy and service. A strong element of this community is our engaged alumni of all ages. We consider every graduate an integral part of our alumni family and are proud of our alumni for all they accomplish once they leave RPDS. 

We are thankful for the generosity of our alumni who give back with their time and talents. Join us by keeping in touch, volunteering your time as a class representative, attend alumni events and give to The RPDS Fund. We love to hear from you and celebrate you, so please stay in touch by emailing Alumni Council President, Sally Regitko Smith, ('89), at

The RPDS Alumni Council

As RPDS begins its 73rd year in 2021, alumni programming has become an important emphasis in response to the School’s strategic plans centered on strengthening a stronger community.With effective volunteer support from many RPDS alumni led by Sally Regitko Smith (’89), a revitalized alumni council has been formed to foster greater communication among alumni and to design and execute events and programs that will encourage ef- fective RPDS alumni engagement. Comprised of Alumni Class Representatives and additional RPDS Alumni, one of the first actions of the Alumni Council is to collect current contact information for all RPDS alumni in order to share the latest news about the School. Current Class Representatives of the Alumni Council are:

Class of 1979
Trudi Miller Lockwood

Class of 1980
Fran Moomaw Wulbern

Class of 1981
Stephanie Risley Milne

Class of 1984
Mark Cotton

Class of 1986
Sally Ball Sharp

Class of 1987
Jessica Stevenson

Class of 1989
Sally Regitko Smith

Class of 1994
Sara Milton Leutzinger

Class of 1995
Sarah Howard Cotchaleovitch

Class of 1997
Annie Longenecker Roberts

Class of 2000
Lesley Marchman Gittings

Class of 2015
Olivia Nolan

Class of 2017
Natalie Rabil

Class of 2020
Emily Stevenson

Sally Smith
President of Alumni Council

Please contact Sally with any questions regarding Alumni at RPDS.

Alumni: Stay In Touch

Please take a moment to update your contact information and share some news with us!

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Alumni Calendar

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Featured Alumni

Carolyn Cantrell Snowden

Class of 1988

Carolyn was a 5th Grade student in Martha Milton's classroom when she discovered a love of poetry. From there, she simply never stopped writing it. For decades, her poems were for the enjoyment of friends and family, but there was always a small ambition inside of her to turn it into something more. 

In 2016, she found herself pursuing another passion. She took a business concept of pairing coffee with adoptable dogs that she found happening out in Los Angeles and created her own non-profit version of it - The Jacksonville Dog Café. For more than five years now, people have been coming out to her scheduled adoption events where they can sip free coffee and meet a variety of adoptable dogs from rescue organizations and shelters. 

Most recently, Carolyn has enjoyed witnessing her two passions collide in a fun and powerful way. After accepting a part-time writing position with The Resident Newspaper, she found great satisfaction in seeing her poetry in print and enjoyed by a much larger audience. It was this experience and satisfaction that gave her the confidence she needed to turn one of her poems, "The Grateful Dog," into a children's book about having gratitude. She partnered with good friend and local artist, Amy Stump, to illustrate the book and with the help of a self-publishing website, the book became available for purchase. Book sales benefit her non-profit and the adoptable dogs. 

"The Grateful Dog" book as well as some of Carolyn's poetry can be found at her website: and the Risley Media Center.


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    Our Alumni In Their Own Words...

    “As an alum of RPDS, I’m so grateful for the foundational skills that equipped me for success, both in and outside of the classroom.  I cherish the childhood friendships made at RPDS, which cultivated into lifelong, lasting relationships.  Now, as a parent of a third and first grader at RPDS, I appreciate the caring and knowledgeable staff who push students to their highest potential, while developing interpersonal skills critical for achieving a purposeful life.  I value how every lesson taught is rooted in faith.  While the campus has significantly changed as the School has grown over the years, it’s mission has not. RPDS continues to graduate well-rounded students, who are prepared academically and conditioned to improve their communities.”

    Deena Bateh Wallace
    Class of 1994

    “RPDS prepared me for Middle and High School. I learned how to study, write a term paper and do a science fair project. I learned sportsmanship and I learned how to serve my community. I made good friends who are still my good friends today.  I am proud to be an RPDS alumni.”

    Miller Lockwood
    Class of 2016

    rain on window

    “As an alumni and parent of two graduates of RPDS, I can’t stress enough what a positive impact this school has had on our family! The transition to middle school and high school has been seamless due to the amazing curriculum that integrates compassion into their teaching standards, emphasizing the importance of values, and builds leaders through each of their classes and lessons. Teachers are passionate about seeing their students succeed, adjusting their teaching style to meet the needs of all students. RPDS is a community that nurtures and supports all its students and families, and will always be HOME for our family.” 

    Tanya Samara-Kellogg
    Class of 1985