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PreK 3 Schools in Jacksonville, FL

A Worthy Investment

These years are some of the most influential in your child’s life, and his or her capacity for learning is greater now than it ever will be again. Children can learn amazing amounts of information when it’s presented to them in a way that engages their curiosity and interest. That’s exactly what an excellent Jacksonville, FL PreK 3 day school does — a day school like Riverside.

Jacksonville, FL PreK 3 Day Schools for Lifelong Success

Regardless of the time of day you’re interested in enrolling your child, we have a program designed to help him or her achieve his or her very best. Whether you’d like to instill a basic foundation of reading, writing, math and other academic skills, or you’d like to incorporate a bit of arts or sports into the mix, we have the program for you.

At our PreK 3 day school, we believe excellent education consists of a well-rounded approach. Book smarts are important, but so are life skills. We design our programs to teach as much of both as possible. It isn’t a small task, but it’s one we definitely feel is worth the effort.

Children who are stimulated on various academic levels learn better and faster than children who are only lectured to. This is especially true with very young students. In our Jacksonville, FL PreK 3 day school, we don’t expect children to sit still hour after hour to dutifully absorb every word we say; we expect children to get in, hands-on, and experience the true joy of learning.

That’s why our PreK 3 school includes plenty of physical activity time. Whether it’s gymnastics, dance, music or arts, children quickly discover that there’s more to learning than just books. At the same time, we balance our quiet book-learning times to be as engaging and stimulating as possible so that children truly develop a passion and a yearning for knowledge. It’s this synchrony that we believe enhances and enriches a child’s natural ability and desire to learn.

If you’re interested in enrolling your child in our Jacksonville, FL PreK 3 day school program, please contact our Admission Office by email at or by phone at 904.353.3459 for more information.

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