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Early Learning Afterschool Program in 

Discover the Power of Early Learning in Jacksonville, FL

Children are extremely open to learning in their early years. An excellent Jacksonville, FL early learning afterschool program is the perfect complement to investing in an excellent early learning school. At Riverside, we value every moment we have to equip young students with the foundations of academic and lifelong success, and our afterschool program is no exception.

Early Learning for Effective Education

An effective early learning afterschool program must be strategic, fun and age-appropriate. Young children aren’t always inclined to sit in a desk for hours on end simply listening to lecture. We realize that your child has already spent many hours learning, so we must be creative in encouraging them to learn for a few more hours.

Our early learning after school program offers a number of fun and educational activities. Some of these may include:

  • Spring into Reading for Kindergarten. We dive into wonderful and interesting books in a way that goes beyond simple story time. We encourage children to read on their own and in groups, and then we discuss the stories in a way that brings them to life to build excitement about what you can discover when you can read.
  • Mini-Mad Scientists for Early Learning. PreK 4 through Kindergarten children get to explore science in all its gooey glory. Age appropriate experiments and demonstrations are designed to excite children and help them learn more about scientific facts.
  • Little Sprouts Gardening for Pre-K 4 through Kindergarten. There’s so much to learn simply from getting your hands dirty. Young students will begin to learn how things grow, building a firm foundation for future biological and ecological education. It’s fun, and sometimes messy, which is the perfect combination for keeping early learning age groups productively engaged.

The early learning after school program sets the foundation for a love of learning. When you make lessons fun and relevant, you get a unique opportunity to shape the way a child looks at education. For more information about our Jacksonville, FL early learning afterschool program, contact Julia Davis at or by calling 904.353.5511 ext 163.

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