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Health & Wellness

Social & Emotional Development

RPDS is committed to providing high-quality character education and counseling services that guide the social and emotional development of our students. It is our belief that emotional intelligence influences learning, decision making, communication and our relationships with others. We strive to foster relationships by encouraging our school community to appreciate, understand and learn from others, thus demonstrating God’s unconditional love.

RPDS has a full-time, licensed professional counselor on campus to provide individual or small group support for students, parents, teachers, and staff. Riverside students and parents may receive on-campus support in areas such as strengthening peer relationships, academic achievement, grief counseling, stress and anxiety management, self-esteem building and mindfulness. Our counselor presents nationally on topics such as peer relationships, bullying, diversity and inclusion.

RPDS teachers and our counselor guide the social and emotional development of our students using evidence-based approaches to character education that develops empathy, effective communication, emotional intelligence, decision making and problem solving, cultural competence, and social responsibility.

Jan Reeder

Guidance Counselor

Care & Connect

Our approach to social and emotional learning consists of a set of practices and strategies that builds academic and social-emotional competencies and includes extended time for morning meetings in the classroom called Care & Connect. The purpose of Care & Connect is to dedicate time and energy towards the ongoing nurturance of our school community. These sessions are thoughtfully designed to foster essential character traits and social and emotional skills, which we recognize are the foundation for a satisfying life. This is a time for all our students, faculty and staff to cultivate deep connections, which affirm us as individuals and as members of a caring, dynamic community.

Physical Education

P.E. is an integral part of the RPDS curriculum experience. Our Physical Education program begins in Kindergarten with an introduction to locomotor movement, spatial and body awareness, skill development, and cooperative gameplay. We focus on creating a positive learning environment where students can have fun and be active.

The Team RPDS Program was established to motivate and encourage students and their families to enjoy a more active lifestyle outside of the school and work day. Through this initiative, our entire school community engages in a series of fun fitness activities throughout the year, culminating with the Riverside Kids Duathlon, held annually on the RPDS campus. Our ultimate goal is to cultivate a lifelong love of play and exercise!